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Restart property visits - sector protocol

The protocol for complete restart has just been approved by Ministers Dermagne ( Economy) and Clarinval ( Middle Classes). This protocol contains the latest safety measures to be applied by real estate agencies for service delivery at and in houses. Concretely : while visiting, quoting, valuations, photo-shoots,…

Guidelines for visiting a property with a real estate professional
When organizing a visit of a property with a real estate professional (a viewing, a valuation, a photo shoot, ...), the following guidelines must be observed. This is in accordance with the "Protocol for on-site visits in the real estate sector", which aims to guarantee security in the light of the fight against the COVID-19 virus. • All visits are on appointment.
• A maximum of 3 adults may be present during a visit, not including the real estate agent and residents.
• Visits are organized in such a way that gathering and queues are avoided.
• Visitors must register at the correct time. Visitors will wait outside or in the car until the real estate agent gives the signal that they can approach the property.
• The safety regulations are reviewed again prior to the visit. Visitors must confirm that they will comply.
• Before the start of the visit, the environment is checked. The real estate professional must always ensure that the visit can take place within safe conditions.
• Always wear a mouth mask! This obligation applies to both the real estate professional and the visitors. Visitors must put on a mouth mask or, if necessary, use one from the reserve equipment of the real estate office. If this is not met, the visit will be terminated.
• Sufficient disinfectants are always provided for visitors.
• Social distancing rules (minimum 1.5m distance) must be fully respected. Residents should preferably stay in the garden, on a terrace, ...or in one specific room during the visit. The real estate professional will ensure that people do not meet during the visit.
• The real estate professional ensures in advance that all interior doors are open. He / she will open any exterior doors to the visitors himself / herself, and clean the door handles and / or other objects that have been touched after each visit (cupboard doors, banisters, attic stairs, ...). The real estate professional provides the necessary cleaning wipes or disinfecting gel to this effect.
• Good ventilation of the house is ensured at all times during the visit and between visits. Doors and / or windows are opened for this purpose.
• Meter readings are taken by the real estate agent / professional in the presence of the tenant / buyer, with due observance of 1.5 meters distance. In case of a tight space, the other persons should be asked to check the meter readings recorded by the real estate professional in turn for correctness.
• As few documents as possible are handed over to the visitors. These are preferably forwarded before or after the visit. If forms and / or agreements have to be signed, this is preferably done digitally. A digital solution is always chosen where possible. The real estate professional ensures sufficient time between 2 visits so that visitors do not cross each other or queues form. The interval also allows to ventilate the premises and to respect the precautions.

During the visit of a property, at most three adults may be present not counting the real estate agent and the eventual inhabitants.

Before each property visit please watch the following film with directives :  

The complete sector protocol can be accessed via the following link :   

Corona coordinator: The coordinator is the contact person for any questions, communications, complaints,…
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