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Non committal conversation with value estimation

One of our sales-experts visits your home for a non-committal chat.
Thanks to our year-long experience and the more than 1000 sales Home Consult has already successfully performed, we will give you an honest range of possible values. Home Consult is well-known for not over-evaluating and will give you an honest idea of a market- level value. Why do we do it that way? Overestimating only leads to a slow sale and sooner or later you will have to lower the price. By getting in this downward spiral there is a good chance you will ultimately have to sell at a lower price than the ( honestly) estimated value. So be careful with extraordinary prices.
Put all your questions about the sales process and about our specific approach ( e.g. our specific marketing process ) to our sales-expert.
He/she will give you the necessary tips and advice to make the sale more attractive. Doing so will enable you to get a maximal return on your property investment for a minimal investment.

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Home Consult is a young and dynamic real estate office with some 20 years experience in the real estate business. Geographically speaking, our activities cover the entire Brussels region and the province of Flemish Brabant. The greater part of our portfolio however, is situated on the Brussels-Leuven axis where our office is located.