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Rental contract

Is the candidate-tenant approved of ? Our administrative “ centipedes” who are constantly handling renting files establish a waterproof rental contract. The regularly changing legal dispositions are taken into account and we see to it that our team is permanently informed of these changes. Furthermore, Home Consult employs a in-house juridical expert so that any legal problems are “ nipped in the bud”.
Not only is the contract drawn up, we also make an appointment with the chosen expert who will make up the incoming inventory of fixtures.

The rental contract is signed by the tenant(s) and renter(s) in the Home Consult offices, under supervision of one of our renting-experts.
Once again, all obligations resulting from the renting contract are insisted upon ( e;g. Renting caution, fire insurance, maintenance,…)

If, after signing the contract you have any more questions, you can, of course, rely on us.
Our slogan :” Our job does not end when the rental contract has been signed”.

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Home Consult is a young and dynamic real estate office with some 20 years experience in the real estate business. Geographically speaking, our activities cover the entire Brussels region and the province of Flemish Brabant. The greater part of our portfolio however, is situated on the Brussels-Leuven axis where our office is located.