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Carefree property management

Would you like Home Consult to manage your apartment or house located in the Sterrebeek,Tervuren, Kortenberg ,... area? And at the same time have a good tenant without any worries?

In that case, contact Home Consult.

Real estate is regarded as a solid investment, but the “ average citizen” is often not interested in maintenance, does not know the right technicians,.. And let's not talk about solving problems with tenants
Or you are getting somewhat older and want to take advantage of your old age without worries and enjoy a nice return?

That is why Home Consult offers the “ worry-free management of your property” solution.

This is also the perfect answer for very busy investors. To have the opportunity to get a nice return in real estate without all the worries.
Great, isn't it?

Or perhaps you yourself are going abroad as an expatriate ? This happens quite frequently. We will gladly take your worries about your apartment/house away. This way you will get your property back, well-maintained and cleaned, and don't have to sort out things from abroad.

Which worries will Home Consult take away from you?

Our team will always try to take all the worries away from the owner. Everything is resolved from A to Z, be it on the administrative, judicial,technical or financial level.

Among other things the following are cared for :
  • a thorough screening and selection of possible tenants
  • a legally accurate and complete rental contract ( if needed it can be signed in the name of the owner);
  • the owner's representation at the incoming inventory of fixtures done by a chosen external expert;
  • the meter transfer between former and new tenant;
  • the monitoring of monthly payment of rent;
  • the necessary repairs or small renovation jobs executed by a regular team of technicians ( or your own technicians if you decide so). Unless noted otherwise, we always work with our “reliable partners”. They are at our service 7 days a week;
  • the outgoing inventory of fixtures during which we see to it that , as owner, you get the rightful compensation if applicable.
  • the necessary maintenance while the property is empty ( NOTE : while the property is vacant no management fee is due by the owner)

Aside from this all, Home Consult will function as a reliable contact person for the owner. Does your tenant have any questions,remarks and/or problems? He/she can always contact one of our management-experts.

Contact us now, without obligation, about managing your apartment / house in the Sterrebeek,Tervuren, Kortenberg ,... area.

“The first orientation talk immediately felt good. They explained in which manner they could be meaningful to us, while we clearly expressed our wishes and requests. The consequence was a rental contract in which Home Consult appears as a landlord, manager and as contact. The financial part is also cared for by Home Consult. In a nutshell, no worries about our home why we were abroad.”

A convinced customer

  • Marc Durney (UK)
    “What I found refreshing is, that nothing was too much trouble. It felt like it was their vocation!”
  • Family Makela (Finland)
    To put your house for sale is a very sensitive matter. Home Consult made us feel safe and confident through the whole process, keeping us informed and updated of all details in an extraordinary way. T...
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Home Consult is a young and dynamic real estate office with some 20 years experience in the real estate business. Geographically speaking, our activities cover the entire Brussels region and the province of Flemish Brabant. The greater part of our portfolio however, is situated on the Brussels-Leuven axis where our office is located.