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To sell as fast as possible and at the highest possible price, an optimal advertising is essential. The more targeted publicity for the property, the more interested people will come, with finally, a higher price. Home Consult is not afraid of anything. As well on- as off-line we go to the end. For each property a unique and specific marketing plan is elaborated. Specifically aimed at a target audience and with enough variation to ensure the sale does not slow down too fast.
  • Our vast network (20 years of experience network; more than 16000 contacts) is pro-actively notified with your property in our sights. Our expat-database ( Embassies, Relaxation offices, NATO-delegations, international companies…) and actually searching people are immediately informed that your property is on the market .This network is very logically active in the Sterrebeek, Tervuren, Wezembeek-Oppem, Kraainem, Kortenberg,..region and of course the Brussels market
  • A clearly visible “For Sale” sign is placed on the property. The network of passers-by and neighbors should not be underestimated as a tool for renting your house or apartment
  • An entire page in the “Rondom” newspaper ( about 45626 readers) devoted to our “for sale” properties..
  • Distribution of fliers in the area around your house or apartment. A specific promotion of your property in the vicinity. The neighboring network is activated this way. You never know if your neighbor's cousin is looking for a home in Brussels or the Flemish Region
  • Publication on the powerful Home Consult website (statistics show that our website has up to 3 times as many hits as e.g. Immoweb)
  • A unique 2 wave launching-system through the exclusive Immoscoop website
  • Publication on almost every well-known real estate portal sites: Immoweb, immovlan, immoscoop, logicimmo, zimmo, … you name it!
  • Targeted non-free Google campaign to get more clicks on the Home Consult site. More clicks for us = more clicks for your property = faster and higher priced sales.
  • Our powerful Facebook network and non-free Facebook campaigns, specifically aimed at your property's target audience
  • Advertising through Instagram
  • Professional photography by the best real estate photographer in and around Brussels with which we have an exclusive collaboration
  • High definition 360° Virtual Tour previews; ideal for the buyer who hasn't got lots of time
  • Home Styling and Staging : optimal presentation = fast sale at the highest price

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Home Consult is a young and dynamic real estate office with some 20 years experience in the real estate business. Geographically speaking, our activities cover the entire Brussels region and the province of Flemish Brabant. The greater part of our portfolio however, is situated on the Brussels-Leuven axis where our office is located.