We get the maximum selling price for your property

Selling a property is not without its challenges. Besides the administrative hassle, the goal is of course to sell your property at the highest possible price. Easier said than done ...

The 2 real estate offices in Sterrebeek and Tervuren ensure an optimal inflow of new buyers and a maximum visibility of your property.

In order to find the ideal buyer, it is important to reach as many potential buyers as possible. This requires a broad and varied network of active and passive buyers, and of course an adequate approach of this network.
In addition to proactively approaching the network, our thorough and constantly innovative marketing techniques are the perfect recipe for reaching as many prospective buyers as possible.

Home Consult has its own stylist so that each property can be presented in the best possible way (home styling). Our technical team can also help with any minor refreshment work to ensure the best presentation. 


Why sell with Home Consult?

  • No cure no pay
  • Free and realistic estimate
  • Large customer base of local and international prospective buyers
  • Personal approach as a family business
  • Home styling to achieve a higher selling price
  • Enthusiastic and hard-working team of strong negotiators

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Our approach

The first step in selling your home is, of course, a free, no-obligation estimate. Thanks to our experience and sector knowledge, you can be confident to receive a correct estimate of your property.

Home Consult has already registered more than 3000 sales (= +3000 reference points), so you have come to the right place for a correct and honest property valuation. We refrain from overestimating and will always give you an honest idea of a correct market-based value. The idea behind this strategy is that overestimation causes a slow sale where, sooner or later, you are forced to drop in price. By falling into this negative spiral, chances are you will end up selling at a lower value than the (fairly) estimated value. So be cautious of excessively estimated prices.

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