Exclusive property

Is your property a real gem? Unique because of its history, architecture or location? Then you know better than anyone that selling this type of property requires a specific set of skills.

In order to sell a luxury property at the best possible price, it is extremely important to be able to approach the right target group. Therefore, everything stands or falls with the quality of the network.

Home Consult has more than 30 years of experience in the real estate world and has thus built a rich network in the luxury segment. Marc Wolzer, founder of Home Consult, has focused on exclusive real estate from the very beginning. Meanwhile, we already have more than 1,000 luxury real estate transactions on the counter. As a result, Home Consult has a very solid reputation in the private sector, but also among expats and institutions such as NATO, European institutions, embassies and multinational companies. This means Home Consult has the ideal client base to proactively and professionally approach and encourage you to make an appointment to visit your property.

When choosing to work with Home Consult Exclusive Real Estate, we draw up a suitable strategy and plan of approach after close consultation. Thanks to the extra attention we pay to presentation and information, we can put your property in the spotlight in the best possible way. 


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